Daily Work


Daily Work is a native iPad application developed for Green Mountain Power line workers to view and manage active work orders. The app provides convenient field access to work order details, and allows on the go project updates as work is completed.

The app displays location and customer information, permits, crew assignments, and applicable notes. A materials list provides an overview of items required for installation, while an additional design interface provides a more granular view of individual stock item details.


As work is completed, users are able to update the status of each stock item as it is used, keeping every member of the crew up to date on its current status. A section for typed notes allow users to record additional services, tasks, and replacement parts not included in the original work order. Color and font modifications indicate active edits, clearly indicating any changes a user has made. Syncing with the server commits the changes for the day and sends a detailed report to the circuit designer with any modifications that may have been made.


Green Mountain Power is truly a unique energy company, always looking to improve their ability to work efficiently through the use of technology. Daily Work is currently actively used in the field and has received a warm reception with several updates planned for the future.